Smoky Quartz Stone


🖤 Serenity - Calmness - Grounding - Calms fear - Peace

This is the gemstone that has the significance and properties of a talisman. There are many kinds of crystals and gemstones that can be good talisman but this one is the strongest. Smoky quartz is a beautiful crystal, helping you to feel comfortable both within yourself and your environment. So whenever you’re facing a chaotic situation in your life, reach for your smoky quartz crystal bottle and it’ll help you feel grounded again.

Smoky quartz really helps to enhance your connection with the earth and can be used to soothe your Earth’s chakra. Let your Smoky crystal water bottle be your talisman.


Smoky quartz associations:

  • Chakras - Earth & Solar pixel
  • Planet - Saturn
  • Elements - Earth & Air
  • Typical colors - Brown to grey 


  • Natural quartz from Madagascar
  • Stainless steel base
  • The crystal and base must be cleaned by-hand.