Clear Quartz Stone


♡ Unblocking energy ♡ Psychic abilities ♡ Clarity ♡ Meditation

It is an excellent crystal for absorbing, storing, releasing, regulating and unblocking energy. If you have some things going on in your life and you feel like you’re being blocked, clear quartz can be good for unblocking energy.

It releases and stores energy. Oftentimes, Reiki practitioners use a clear quartz spear to pass its energy to a client.

It is an excellent stone for psychic ability. If you are giving spiritual services such as yoga, healing, reiki practitioner e.t.c then clear quartz crystal water bottle is perfect for you or if you are trying to tap into those spiritual gifts for yourself, clear quartz is the best crystal for psychic abilities and also a great for doing meditation.

Clear quartz associations:

  • Chakras - All chakras
  • Planet - Sun
  • Elements - All 
  • Typical colors - Clear quartz is colorless or white


  • Natural quartz from Madagascar & Brazil
  • Stainless steel base

    • The crystal and base must be cleaned by-hand.