How do I use my Chalazias Bottle?




Carefully clean your bottle and your stone using water. Do not hesitate to take off the stone to make sure it is entirely purified. Please keep away from small children, as the stone and the bottle are breakable (glass)





Let the bottle and the stone dry off for 10-15 minutes.





Our bottles can entirely be used with hot beverages, however, if you wish to keep your stone for a really long time, it is best not to change it's temperature too often by varying the cold and hot drinks.




Feel free to use your Chalazias bottle to drink cold drinks in the summer! You can even place some crushed ice in your drinks, the bottle will keep it's temperature for a longer time ;)!




The glass body of the bottle is dishwasher safe. The lid and base MUST BE HAND WASHED. If the lid and base are put in the dishwasher, the bottle might leak!! We recommend using warm water and dish soap. The crystal can also be cleaned with a non-abrasive soap and sponge, to purify your stones, please refer to our blog articles. 

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How do you use a Chalazias™ Bottle?

Fill your Chalazias Quartz Bottle with clean, filtered water and enjoy! We recommend room temperature water.

Depending on your personal spirituality and preferences, you may take the time to charge your crystal. We recommend meditating with your crystal, while focusing on your intentions and desires. Create a mindful intention for your crystal so that it can become a tool for manifestation.

Every time you sip water charged by your crystal, your intention will flow through your body and become more powerful.

Please keep the bottle and stone away from small children, as the bottle is in the glass, it could potentially break and hurt.


What is a Chalazias Quartz Bottle made out of?

The bottle is made of Borosilicate glass (Pyrex), Borosilicate glass can handle Hot or Cold water and the bottle is very sturdy. It means you can pull your bottle out of the fridge and pour boiling water into it and it will not damage the bottle. 

The only materials used in our bottles are the stone, stainless steel and glass. 


How much water does a Chalazias Bottle hold?

The bottle holds 550ml, depending on the size of your stone. 


How do I clean my Chalazias Bottle?

The glass body of the bottle is dishwasher safe. The lid and base must be hand washed. We recommend using warm water and dish soap. The crystal can also be cleaned with a non-abrasive soap and sponge, but crystal care is completely up to your individual preference.

You can cleanse your crystals in any number of ways, depending on your beliefs and spirituality. Two of our favorite methods are exposing crystals to the full moon and using sage. 



Wholesale + Influencer informations:


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, We sell wholesale. Please contact us at support@chalazias.com to see if you're the right fit. 


How can I promote Chalazias™  Bottles?

We have many requests from people who would like to share the beauty of Chalazias Quartz Bottles and for that we are truly grateful. As we grow as a company, we are better able to take on different promoters and influencers for our products. Please reach out to our email and we will be in touch!


Shipping & Handling:


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide.


What is the estimated delivery time?

Orders are typically fulfilled 1-7 business days after they are placed and we estimate delivery to occur within 7-14 days depending on our post office guidelines.

If your purchase is made as a pre order purchase please be advised that it can take between 1-4 weeks before your order will be shipped out. 

Should you need your order posted out urgently please let us know by sending us an email on support@chalazias.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We do charge a $20 fee for rushed orders.  


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For customer service,wholesale & all other business inquiries (press inquiries included) please email support@chalazias.com